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With over 50 years of collective experience in investment banking and finance, our team of experts is committed to empowering business owners through an immersive approach. 
We stand ready to support entrepreneurs in their exciting journey by offering the following services

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What Makes Us Different from Other Business Consultants

At Plannera, we stand out from other business consultants by offering tailored solutions, a personalised approach, and a commitment to redefining success uniquely for each client

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We utilise an immersive approach to understand your business (idea) and emphasize the unique attributes that set your company apart from competitors



We base our financial forecasts on thorough data analysis and extensive market research, allowing us to generate realistic financial forecasts


Feasibility Focus

Plannera will partner with you to establish precise, measurable and achievable objectives, ensuring alignment across your organisation



Plannera's offering is adaptable to evolving company preferences and changing market dynamics, making sure that you always get the service you desire



Our consultancy encompasses every facet of your business, addressing product dynamics and financial intricacies for a thorough strategic approach


Appeal to Investors

We meticulously formulate strategic plans that foster confidence among lenders and investors by engaging in authentic and meaningful conversations


Overview Of Services

At Plannera, we understand the diverse needs of entrepreneurs. Whether you’re in the exploration phase or actively pursuing financing, our immersive approach is tailored to your individual requirements. Our service offerings include a spectrum of Business Plans write-up, Financial Modeling, Pitch Deck Services and Strategy planning.

Recognizing that each business journey is distinct, our commitment extends beyond conventional offerings. If your needs extend beyond our standard services, share your specific requirements, and we will collaboratively devise personalized, tailor-made solutions to drive growth and enhance the effectiveness of your business.

Business plan development service UK

Strategic Business Development

Plannera applies holistic approach to business development, covering essential aspects from strategic planning to financial modeling. This service includes:

We will assist you in crystallising your business idea through our Business Plan Write-Up service. Our expert team meticulously outlines your vision, mission, and strategies, providing a comprehensive document that resonates with potential stakeholders and serves as a strategic guide for achieving your entrepreneurial goals

Our experienced modelling team will create detailed models tailored to your business, aiding in decision-making. From forecasting to budgeting, our ervice ensures accuracy, providing a solid foundation for effective financial planning and strategic growth.

Elevate your business presentations with our Pitch Deck Review and Design service. Based in the UK, our team meticulously reviews and enhances your pitch decks, ensuring clarity and visual appeal. We tailor designs to captivate audiences, providing a polished and impactful representation of your business for successful stakeholder engagement.

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Funding Support Services

Assisting businesses in securing various form of funding, whether it is debt and/or equity financing, we stand ready to support you in obtaining the funding you need

Creating a structured plan to secure the necessary funding, strategically paving the way for the achievement of your business objectives and overarching goals.

Aim is to simplify the often complex journey of loan applications, providing you with a streamlined and accessible process to secure the necessary capital for your business. This commitment stems from our dedication to facilitating your sustained success and fostering strategic business growth.

This service is dedicated to skillfully guiding businesses through the intricate and multifaceted process of raising capital through equity financing. We offer comprehensive support, strategic insights, and diligent planning.

Conducting an in-depth examination of your financial records is a critical step in the decision-making process for potential investors, partners, or acquirers. Our comprehensive analysis ensures transparency and informed decisions.

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Financial Management

Assume parts or even the entire finance function, enabling you to focus on business growth while ensuring fiscal excellence and stability for your company

Taking over your invoicing and quotation processes by creating professional invoices and quotations, along with proactive follow-up procedures to streamline the payment collection process

We provide support in the selection of suppliers and negotiating favorable terms. We leverage our expertise to evaluate potential suppliers, considering factors such as cost, reliability, and quality

We develop detailed budgets and financial forecasts to guide decision-making and strategic planning

Together with you, we formulate and implement strategies to optimize and manage expenses, ensuring cost-effectiveness and resource allocation efficiency

What makes Plannera a Trusted Choice Among Entrepreneurs

Company Portfolio

Our Latest Case Studies

At Plannera, we think that one-size-fits-all solutions and template-driven approaches will not capture your business idea effectively. Recognizing that business plans serve as the foundational step in launching a successful enterprise, we take pride in crafting each user-friendly document meticulously from scratch. Below, we invite you to explore some example business plans, offering a glimpse into the exceptional quality of work that you can anticipate from our dedicated team